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For the horse owner and smallholder, disposal of manure is one of the biggest headaches encountered. The average horse for instance will produce approximately 20kg of manure each day, that’s 7.5 Tonnes annually. It’s a problem which grows rapidly, and isn't easy to ignore.

Don’t throw it all away!

Manure is however a valuable by product of keeping any livestock, and it makes good sense to recycle it back into the ground just as nature intended. Grass needs nutrients to grow a healthy sward, and manure is the most natural supply of this food available. Look at where your livestock do their droppings….”where there’s muck, there’s grass!”

The Solution

Picture of manure spreaderMillcreek compact spreaders enable you to easily dispose of your own manure and reap the benefits. Designed exclusively for the horse owner and smallholder they are available to work with a wide range of tow equipment, from small lawn tractors and ATV’s, up to traditional tractors or your 4x4 vehicle, you can even work them in harness.

Either load and spread from your composted muck pile, or directly from your stables, whichever suits your requirements. As with the handling of any waste products, just follow a ‘good practice’ of responsible manure management and your muck pile problems will soon be a distant memory. Plus you’ll save money on muck removal bills and artificial fertilizers.

We manufacture a wide range of ground drive and PTO drive models, suitable for all manure spreading applications. Base model prices range from £1,295 to £3,995 (including VAT), with various options also available.
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You'll wonder how you every managed without one!

  • Your muckheap disposal problems will become a thing of the past.
  • Your grassland will reap the benefits with an enhanced sward.
  • You'll save on the costs of muck removal/disposal and alternative chemical fertilisers for your grassland.
  • You're recycling, just as nature intended, and to the benefit of our environment.

For further information and detailed pricing, please call us on (01652) 679000.



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