Millcreek manure spreaders are designed for the smaller scale application of manures and similar organic products across pasture and general arable land. Typically, Millcreek users are horse owners and equestrian establishments, smallholders, organic  farmers, and market gardeners.

Millcreek spreaders follow the traditional rear-discharge design. This is basically a box to contain the manure, with two separate mechanisms enabling it to become a spreader. A fast spinning ‘beater’ at the back breaks up and spreads the manure behind, and an ‘apron chain’ feeds the manure slowly into the ‘beater’. These mechanisms can be turned on or off, so the spreading action only occurs when the operator requires it.

The design for the rear discharge manure spreader dates back to the late 1800’s when all agricultural machinery was  horse drawn, and its basic operating principles and mechanisms have remain unchanged for over a hundred years. Modern manufacturing methods and technology allow these tried and tested simple robust designs to continue into the 21st century. The Millcreek manure spreader range is divided into two basic types:

Ground Driven Spreaders. This type of machines spreading mechanisms work by the action of the wheels turning slowly as it is pulled along the ground, typically by an ATV/Quadbike, 4×4, tractor or a horse in harness. The advantage of the Ground driven design, is the ability to operate the spreader behind a very wide range of towing devices without the need for a tractor. Read more details on our Ground Driven range.

PTO Driven Spreaders.This type of machines spreading mechanisms work by the action of the tractors PTO (‘Power Take Off’ – standard 540rpm), and accordingly can only be operated by a tractor. The advantage of the PTO driven design is the ability to more accurately control the application rate of spreading, and to operate the machine very slowly (eg. for spreading very thick on a vegetable bed), or even to operate it stationary (eg. For using as a mixer when aerating manure or making compost). Read more details on our PTO Driven range.

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