PTO Drive Spreaders Range

Our PTO drive manure spreaders offer the most control for the operator, and subject to size can be pulled by a wide variety of tractors from less than 20hp in many cases. PTO models can be operated at very slow ground speeds (for application inside glasshouses etc and on vegetable beds where high application rates maybe desired), or even operated stationary when aerating manure piles during compost making for example.

We offer five different basic sizes from the Model 57P (with a capacity of 1.5m3, typically around one Tonne of wet manure), up to the Model 97XLP (with a capacity of 3.96m3, typically around three Tonnes of wet manure).

Millcreek Specifications - PTO Drive Models

Model selection is typically down to a variety of factors including the amount of manure to be spread and the frequency of spreading, the availability and power of the towing device and the steepness and severity of the land on which it will be used. Please do not hesitate to contact us here at Millcreek for free and friendly advice on which machine maybe most suitable for your particular application.